• Software X could automatically update Software Y
  • We had a web portal for...
  • We could modernise our software platform to...
  • We could get some expert help with...
  • Someone could write some documentation for...
  • We could run some reports against...

If you find yourself asking or thinking about questions like these, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

My name is Ben Kent, and I set up Cyte Design Ltd in 2019 after spending over 12 years supporting, developing and consulting on functionality for a broad range of software applications and interfaces. I have experience in fields as diverse as Social Housing, Education, Access Control and many other commercial areas.


System/API Integration

The root of the word 'integration' is from the latin 'integratus', meaning 'to make whole'. This is sums up why I find providing a bespoke interface between two or more existing applications so rewarding. I have a wealth of experience integrating different systems, uncluding housing management, stock, access control and asset management systems.

Web applications

From simple websites to complex company intranets, I can provide solutions to your new or existing requirements. My experience is that once a rapport of trust is built with a customer, there is a 'snowball' effect that can lead to improvements to other business processes.

Reporting on datasets

The digital age has bought with it much more data than we can possibly cope with. If you are struggling making sense of the data you have access to, I can help guide you through the initial SQL queries, all the way through to visual dashboards.

I solve problems for my clients using a toolkit comprising of: SQL Databases, C#, .NET Core, PHP, Delphi, JavaScript, Python and more.


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"IT has developed into an often impenetrable morass, presented as open and all-encompassing, but actually now alienated from 'ordinary' users. Ben bridges this gap, his inter-personal skills allow him to listen to, understand and explain IT to real people, and his developmental skills allow him to implement and support it. That's why Ben was such a valued staff member of Telecetera before wishing to strike out on his own. And that's also why our customers would always first ask it they could speak to Ben!"

Dan Pearce, former MD, Telecetera Ltd.
AST London

"Ben would be an asset to any company and I would happily work with him again."

Martin Cooper,
Operations Manger,
AST London
Citizens Advice

"Ben has been so helpful and understanding in developing our website, I'd recommend him for any project, he went beyond our expectations in getting us up and running"

Nicky Hodgkiss,
Resource Manager,
Worcester Citizens Advice

"Syentium has used Ben’s software design services for several years on a wide range of complex projects. He has proved excellent in understanding the tasks involved, suggesting and implementing practical cost effective solutions. His software outcomes have always been delivered on time and within agreed budgets. We look forward to continuing our relationship."

Michael Lamb,
Syentium Ltd.

My belief is that it is our duty as humans to never stop learning. It is no longer a case of what knowledge and skills you have, rather, how rapidly you can utilise and draw on existing experience to implement the latest technology required by your clients. For example, I am currently utilising Google TensorFlow for a client requiring development of deep learning and machine vision techniques to enhance their exisiting software suite.


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It is very difficult (not to mention potentially confusing) to try and summarise the integration of one or more software systems in words, even more so to assign it an image.

I have written several of bespoke interfaces to synchronise databases of customers, properties and stock product data, in systems including Capita Open Contractor, Accruent, Orchard, Omniledger Pyramid, Sage, Showpad, Google Maps, Civica CX, Microsoft Teams and many more. All of these contained businesss logic to handle specific event driven triggers - e.g. Job creation, arrival, completion etc.
Scansolid is a completely cloud based customer loyalty scheme. Any business can now leverage the power of a customer loyalty scheme - from Pubs and Golf Courses, to Snack Vans and Plumbers.

I developed this web application as a side income stream / portfolio piece to go alongside my contracting business, Cyte.co.uk
Syentium homepage
A local company approached me to design a website to showcase their software products. This has led to further work writing Python applications for data manipulation to feed into Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Network training for TensorFlow object detection, and much more.
Agrialert homepage
A PWA (progressive Web Application) built for a multinational scientific company to facilitate plant pathogen testing in real time in the field.

The web app can be deployed in a very similar way to a native application in either Android or iOS, but also as a desktop application.
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Worcester Citizens Advice Bureau
I upgraded the website to a modern Wordpress installation, implementing the the Citizens Advice plugin. Provided training for the day to day users, and gave them their main wishlist of putting their Twitter feed onto their homepage.
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Worcester Talking Newspaper
Blindness charities have a special place in my heart. I developed the Talking Newspaper website in 2016 as a volunteer, and created a portal to upload weekly episodes online. Thanks to the new podcast service, the charity now has been able to reduce the number of physical USB memory sticks to listeners.

Thank you for reading this far. Please get in touch to discuss any project, large or small.