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A batchfile to check the status of Windows services and start them automatically if they have stopped

I deal with several applications on a day to day basis, and I was having problems with one in particular it’s associated windows services stopping for no tangible reason. I therefore devised a batchfile to check the status of each

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New look Chocolate Hedgehog website

Haven’t posted for a few days because I’ve been busy developing a new look for the website. I’ve tried to give it a more striking and memorable appearance using some jQuery and CSS elements.

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Batch file to perform SSH commands and transfer files from Windows to Linux

At my place of work, I routinely have to update firmware and database files from our office Windows PCs to ARM linux devices. This used to involve connecting to the mini PC using PuTTY, killing a process, then logging in

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Saving individual pages from a .pdf, as a new .pdf

Ever needed to save a specific page of a .pdf document as a new, separate .pdf? Apparently you can do it if you purchase a full Adobe software licence, or you could use this free online tool:

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Welcome! (introduction)

As a web developer I have been learning HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and SQL (both MySQL and MSSQL) as I go along, and I thought it was about time to start keeping a record of useful tidbits and snippets of