Raspberry Pi on iMac G4

I finally managed to give an old (broken) iMac G4 I acquired a few years ago, a new lease of life: Following the guide here I was able to use the original PSU to run the monitor and a Raspberry Pi.

WordPress – fixing wp_options array

You may have noticed that when transferring between your development and production environments, your finely-crafted WordPress site will completely break. The fact that the url for the site has changed forces you to run a good old find-and-replace on the

Nova Launcher for Android

I finally got round to addressing the fact that on my Motorola Android phone,  I never used the Google search bar on the home screen. This was preventing me from having a whole row of app shortcuts. The standard Motorola

Laravel vs. AngularJS

I have been spending some time keeping my PHP skills sharp, and have been dabbling with rewriting/updating a front end for my personal home-hosted websites. I started off with Laravel, and was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy it

Creating Word documents programmatically

I have spent much of this week creating software to generate electrical certification documents in word based on data filled in on a mobile application in the field. I must say that the Novacode DocX library has made the whole

Marketing yourself as a developer

I was listening to this podcast last night on Software Engineering radio, and there were a couple of points that really hit home – particularly at this time of year where traditionally resolutions are made: Developers typically do not like to market

Force a favicon onto a webpage – 2016 update

Back in 2011 I wrote this article about supporting multiple sites on shared hosting, and forcing each site to have it’s own favicon. Modern browsers require image files, and it is just older browsers (and IE) that require the .ico files: <link

Making the jump to Linux

Switching from Windows to Linux for my main home computer (laptop) has been a real possibility for me for some time now, and I have finally made the jump – and I’m so glad I did! All that my main computer

Automatically generating playlists (.m3u) from directory structure

I have many audiobooks that I like to listen to. With my growing collection, I thought it would be a good idea to set up some streaming on my internal network via a browser. To cut a long story short,

BBC iPlayer alerter – Part 3: Email

Before reading this article you should read the previous two posts of this series: BBC iPlayer alerter – Part 1: JSON processing, and BBC iPlayer alerter – Part 2: Data storage. The final thing I had to prove was that I could